Water i s the single most important resource for the human body. Water is the most essential nutrient involved in every function of the body. Water accounts for approximately 70% of an individual's complete fat free body mass. In order to function properly, water must be consumed in set quantities in consi stent intervals (average of 2.5 li ters per day). When not enough water i s consumed, people can begin to develop certain illnesses and even accelerate thei r aging processes.

Now after establishing the importance of water, one must then think what kind of water i s good to drink? Many people believe that the water concentrations in coffee, sodas, and energy drinks will be sufficient for the human body to function on optimal levels; but that is incorrect. Simply stated, the water from these beverages is nothing but poor quality di stilled water.

Your body requi res plenty of pure, clean and live water every time. Drinking pure water i s one of the most powerful techniques for heal th and spiritual development. The Pristine water i s energiz ed, has more hydrating capaci ty, has more di ssolved oxygen and fast absorbed by your body cells. Purest water i s a superior anti -oxidant that promotes health, as well has as anti-aging properties. Pri stine water closely replicates the natural "living", energized free flowing mountain spring water. It's fresh, delicious, li fe enhancing and the purest of all… One of the most cost-effective things you can do for your overall health and well -being is to drink more and more energy packed purest pri stine premium drinking water.

Drink your way to

better health

Pristine Premium - The ultimate drinking water

Every bottle of Pri stine water is made wi th the state of the art technology and process. It i s not just drinking water. It is the water which can change your life! Pristine premium water is super oxygenated water. It is an excellent source for flushing acidic waste, oxygenating, detoxifying, hydrating, alkalizing your body and achieving optimum health and immuni ty.


Why Pristine water is

good for you?

One of the primary causes of disease i s chronic cellular dehydration, a condition which leaves the body's cell s in a perpetual state of weakness and defenceless. Drinking superior quali ty water helps with thi s condition and can be up to six times more hydrating than “conventional” drinking water. A good water like Pri stine water hydrates body tissues; i t pushes out toxins or anything el se that does not belong.

Thus, being a superior hydrator and a powerful antioxidant, i t refreshes and detoxi fies the body. Our body gets lots of toxins and acid wasted through wrong foods such as junk foods, drinks, pollution etc. By imbibing a rich superior water, these harmful elements are flushed out, leading to a heal thier body.

Another benefit of good water is improved hydration. If the water if light, soft and pure, vi tamins, minerals and other essential nutrients are relayed to various body organs more rapidly.

Ultra Modern Manufacturing Facility

Pri stine premium i s manufactured in the state-of-the-art, ul tra modern and computeri sed equipment with stringent quality control measures.

Reverse Osmosis Purification Plant
Automatic Filling Machine
Another view of Purification Plant
Automatic 5 Gallon Rinsing- Filling- Capping Machine
Purification at its best

Carefully designed huge Stainless steel fil ters wi th several layers of natural fil ter media filters the water to the high level of purity and clari ty. This water then purified wi th the state of the art, fully computerised Reverse Osmosi s plant to obtain the high level of purification and requi red mineral contents. Water then passes through a unique twin chamber Ul tra violet steriliser unit so that all the all the micro-biological contamination i s eliminated.

A good water has five or six molecular clusters, while ordinary water has double that number or more. Having fewer molecular clusters allows for better hydration. This improves the detoxification capabili ties of water. A superior quality water does cleaning the body's inner system. It also rejuvenates the skin. It replaces the skin ti ssues so i t becomes more elastic. It also keeps the skin from drying up. It detoxi fies the skin, making it smoother. By keeping the pH level right, food nutrients are absorbed more effectively. Because nutrients are taken easily, the skin can become younger looking. Drinking a lot of high quality water helps you lose weight. All of this combined can make you healthier and feel rejuvenated. The best way to learn about the benefits of water is by drinking. Over time, you will be able to feel and see the benefi ts.

Many foods that we consume have the abili ty to run our body in the acidi ty side of the pH scale, which can harm the body. Managing a proper chemical balance i s the most important thing for a heal thy life. A good water i s to keep the chemical imbalances neutralized in the body. It i s recommended that we consume over 2 li tres of water each day. Many households rely on drinking tap water as thei r main source. Since the quali ty of tap water is not recommended by many health experts, millions of people have switched to bottled water. But the price of bottled water is high without being 100% sure about the quality of water.

Drink your way to

better health


Experience the 'Pri stine' difference. The water your body has been thirsting for.

Why you should drink pri stine premium water? Because is made as per the highest international standards with the latest equipment and process. Pri stine water has gone through 28 level of filtration before it is finally purified by the state of the art fully computerised Reverse Osmosi s machine. It i s again passed through twin chamber UV steriliz ers before it i s finally fil tered by 0.2 micron poli shing fil ters. All the equipments are made out of food grade stainless steel material and are fully automatic without any human touch to achieve a very high level of hygien.

Love your body and give it the best…..Care your body every day with pri stine water, i t can replenish your body water at the cellular level very fast. You will feel the vitality, refreshness, energy and i t will rejuvenate your body and soul.

Quality you can trust.

Pri stine water i s certified by KENYA BUREAU OF STANDARDS. Pri stine is a member of the BRITISH BOTTLER’S INSTITUTE, a body that bring together world’s leading beverage brands.

More over we follow the standards and guidelines of FDA to provide you the best quality and purity for Pristine Water.